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  • How long before bed should sandman be used?
    Sandman should be taken 2-3 hours before bed.
  • Can more than 1 of the bullets be applied in the same daytime IE: Nad + Stemtor between 9am-3pm?
    You should space the suppositories out an hour but yes, can use the NAD & Stemtor on the same day. Both can either be taken in the morning or evening.
  • Are 'bullet' medicines taken rectally or orally because they look too big to swallow?
    They are taken rectally. Bullets are slowly released into the bloodstream over a 5–7-hour period. All of our suppositories can also be taken orally by cutting them into smaller pieces and swallowing each piece like a pill.
  • How long after insertion of the suppository can I have a bowel movement? When is maximum absorption complete?
    You should wait 20 min before going to the bathroom. You will never lose the suppository as it gets absorbed right away. You may see a filmy yellowish substance in the toilet. This is the coconut oil around the suppository.
  • Are you supposed to spit out Boca Zen after swishing around the gums/mouth?
    Boca Zen is designed to be swallowed, but some people preferred to spit it out after keeping it in their mouth for at least 30 seconds. The formula will do the job either way. Personally, I like to gargle (I add a few drops in at least 4oz of warm water, then I do the gargles keeping them in my mouth for a few seconds).
  • Is the Zen EO and the Zen CBG designed to do the same thing physiologically, and the difference between both are the ingredients and how powerful are they in between?
    The Zen EO has essential oils, hape and oxytocin, and is our least strong Zen. The CBG has CBG, Hape & oxytocin. This formula gives you energy and has more healing properties than CBD. Extra Strength has only Hape and Oxytocin and is our strongest formula.
  • How long does the 2 oz jar of MitoSkin Melatonin Cream last? Does one jar last 90 days?
    The MitoSkin should last for 90 days, since a small amount of a dime size will do the job.
  • When is the best time to use Zen EO? During the day or before bed?
    Zen EO Vertical Spray can be used any time during the day, it will give you energy at first and then a deep calm. Some people like to use Zen EO before meditating and sleeping.
  • Can you use it twice a day, at midday and then before bed?
  • Do I need to sign in to buy something on the new website?
    Yes, you need to sign up as a member. There is a $10 Lifetime membership fee, however, you get that back multiple times, as now we have a discount for you of 10% on all products!
  • And still use sandman at bedtime?
    Yes, you can still use Sandman at bedtime. Take it 2-3 hours before bed, as this is a slow-release formula, exactly like an IV.
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